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Reef Octopus Water Blaster Pumps


Reef Octopus Reactors

BioPellet Reactors, Calcium Reactors, and Ozone Reactors are all available.


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We strive to provide you with the best Reef Octopus skimmers, pumps, and accessories. Reef Octopus skimmers are what founded the company, and have been proven in the aquarium hobby as a reliable and quality product. Reef Octopus skimmers are one of the most widely used protein skimmers in the aquarium trade! is an affiliate company of .  When purchasing from either store you are taken to a fully secured website, the parent company, is a full saltwater aquarium retail website with all the reef supplies you would need. Please visit us also by clicking on the Store navigation button or on any of the Reef Octopus Skimmer products here.

Why buy a Reef Octopus Skimmer?   There is a simple answer for this question:  Buy the best protein skimmer for your aquarium, at a great price!  Octopus skimmers are built of high quality acrylic and pumps that are made to last.  The Super Reef Octopus (SRO) line of skimmers all have the bubble blaster pump.  The Octopus Bubble Blaster pump comes with a full 3 year warranty, the best in the industry!  A good protein skimmer is one of the most important pieces of equipment on your saltwater aquarium, it pays to buy it once, and buy a quality one!


The New NWB-SSS-110 and NWB-SSS-150 models will be available in the next couple weeks.  Be sure to get yours ordered today!  With a super sump saver design they are ideal for medium to larger tanks with smaller sumps.  With very small footprints and powerful pumps you don't have to worry about sacrificing performance!

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The New redesigned XS160 model is now the Classic 160 skimmer and now available!

New Skimmer Models Now Available:

Classic 160 Protein Skimmer has a super small footprint so it will take barely any space in your sump and is capable of up to 200 gallon aquarium.  We recommend using the Classic 160 for tanks between 90-160 gallons when having a medium to heavy bio-load.

*NEW* Octopus Classic 225 Skimmer (Replaces XS225)


*Featured Protein Skimmer*

NEW Reef Octopus Nano NS80 Skimmer

Small but powerful!  The Reef Octopus Nano NS-80 protein skimmer is capable of up to 25 gallons.  The NS80 will work perfect on a small tank and great with a Bio-Cube!  They are super compact and loaded with features.  Check out the video to see the Reef Octopus NS80 skimmer in action and more details.

Reef Octopus XS160 Setup Video:

IN ACTION:  Super Reef Ocotpus SRO 6000 External