Reef Octopus Commercial Protein Skimmers

Commercial Sized Protein Skimmers up to 2500 gallons!

Reef Octopus commercial skimmers are available for aquariums up to 2500 gallons.  The 7000, 8000, and 9000 Super Reef Octopus Models are massive in size and performance.  They are external skimmers designed for maximum performance and very large aquariums.

Reef Octopus VarioS DC Pumps

Return Pumps, Skimmer Pumps, & More!

Octopus VarioS DC pumps are available in different sizes, flow, and model types.  Most common now is the water return pumps which are ultra quiet and energy efficient.  They come with a 2yr warranty and reliability is unmatched.  They are a completely upgraded and renewed model.  The DC pumps have a controller with them allowing you to control the flow and power of the pump.  

Reef Octopus DC pumps come with a 2 year warranty and are Super quiet.

BioChurn Bio-pellet Reactors

Aquatrance Pump Included & 2yr Warranty!

Maximize your bio pellets with a Octopus BioChurn reactor.  Made specially for biopellets and media they use a cyclone effect to keep the pellets in motion at all times.  Using in sump or externally they are one of the best quality and reliable reactors on the market.  Biopellet reactors are most efficent at removing nutrients from the water when combined with a effective protein skimmer.  The protein skimmer will pull the excess waste making the bio-pellet reactors even more effective.  There is many different types of biopellet reactors on the market, however we highly recommend the BioChurn by Reef Octopus, the constant motion of the pellets keeps them always effective and maximizes their results!

BioChurn bio pellet reactors have many different models including in-sump and external.

Water Blaster Pumps by Reef Octopus

Powerful, Energy Efficient, & 3yr Warranty!

All Water Blaster pumps by Reef Octopus come with a 3yr warranty.  There is many different models to choose from when picking a pump for your aquairum.  Most common use for Water Blaster pumps is return pumps which push the water back from your filtration tank (sump) to the main display.  They also work best when feeding reactors, media, or other applications.

Water Blaster pumps are able to be used Internal or External.

Octopus ELITE DC Skimmers

Includes Apex Ready Octopus VarioS DC Pump with Float Switch!

Reef Octopus has designed their ELITE line of skimmers for maximum performance not in just the pump but also the skimmer body itself.  Maximizing contact time, ease of transition to the collection cup neck, and using a high performance DC controllable pump, the ELITE line of skimmers by Octopus is unmatched!  WIth a hybrid cone body the Elite line of skimmers give ultimate performance over other body styles.  Keeping a consistent skim and foam production is vital with a protein skimmer and the Elite line does just that.

The Octopus Elite and Regal skimmers use the new VarioS DC controllable pump which include a float that connects directly to the pump controller to stop overflows in the collection cup.  They also have connections already for aquarium controllers like an Apex.

ELITE models are available in two different models;  Space Saver, and Internal.

Octopus REGAL DC Skimmers

Includes Apex Ready Octopus VarioS DC Pump!

Reef Octopus has designed their REGAL line of skimmers with a few things in mind.  Quality, performance, quiet, and reliable are the main reasons for the Regal line which was previously the Diablo skimmers.  With many new designs and features the Regal skimmers will be the second best performance skimmer they offer and only beat in performance by the ELITE line.

The Octopus Elite and Regal skimmers use the new VarioS DC controllable pump with aquarium controller ports and float for collection cup overflow shutoff!

Octopus REGAL skimmer models are available in three different models;  External, Space Saver, and Internal Sump designs.

Super Reef Octopus Skimmers - (SRO)

Includes Bubble Blaster Pumps!

All SRO or Super Reef Octopus skimmers include a Bubble Blaster pump.  The Bubble Blaster pump has been out for many years and is a trusted and proven pump for protein skimmers.  WIth high performance and low energy consumption they are a high quality pump which includes a 3yr warranty.  They are highly recommend skimmers for large to medium sized tanks.

Super Reef models are available in three different models;  External, Space Saver, and Internal.

OCTO Classic Skimmers - (NWB)

Includes Aquatrance Pumps!

The Classic OCTO Skimmer line is the line of skimmers that are replacing the original NWB models.  They are the same skimmer body except include the upgraded, better performance Aquatrance pumps.  With less energy consumption and more air draw the Aquatrance pumps are much better in performance than the original OTP pumps.

Classic Skimmers models are Available in Hang On Back and In Sump.

Reef Octopus Skimmer Models


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Reef Octopus Skimmers

OCTO Classic 152 & 202 Skimmers

Incredible price and value!

The new designed 152S and 202S are a Classic skimmer with the hybrid cone body.  This gives Reef Octopus a very competitive skimmer with amazing performance at an even better price!  If you have a saltwater aquarium in need of a protein skimmer the Octopus Classic skimmers are some of the best choices available.

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Looking for Something Not Listed Here?

Do Not Worry, We Have It or We Can Get It!

We carry almost the complete line of Reef Octopus products in stock.  Some items and skimmers you may not see listed on here, if that is the case be sure to contact us and we will see what we can get you.

Calcium Reactors

Reliable, Accurate, Money Saving!

There is two different models of calcium reactors manufactured by Reef Octopus.  The classic line of reactor and the Super Reef calcium reactors.   Both are a high quality product, however the Super Reef Line uses the Water Blaster pumps to improve performance.  Using the water blaster pump allows more water movement through the media resulting in better effluent and more stable parameters.  

Reef Octopus calcium reactors are some of the best for aquariums available.

Media Reactors

Many different models to choose from!

There is a variety of media available on the market to use in your aquairum or fish tank.  Reactors are a great way to utilize and maximize performance with the media your using.  GFO as an example needs to be constantly tumbled in order for it to work properly, however carbon can't be tumbled and should also be staying in place within the reactor chamber.

Reef Octopus makes a variety of media filters and reactors.  Check out the huge selection we have in stock.